Konica Minolta to Break Ground for New R&D Labs in Tokyo

Konica Minolta, Inc. announced it will start construction of its new R&D lab building in Hachioji, Tokyo by the end of April 2013 and will complete the project in April 2014. Called “SKT Tokyo,” the new building will be 7 stories high, totaling approximately 40,000 square meters (430,556 square feet) in floor space. It will become Konica Minolta’s largest R&D facility. SKT Tokyo will house over 3,000 employees and become a major driving force in Konica Minolta’s research and development efforts. The new SKT is positioned as a vital investment in the future of the Konica Minolta Group. It will contribute to the Group’s innovative powers and skills in creating new assets.

SKT Tokyo will adopt various environmentally-responsible design and equipment features, such as the skylighted atrium and solar panels, toward an eco- and employee-friendly R&D center. To resist large-scale earthquakes, the base isolation structure will keep the R&D divisions’ information and equipment safe.

The new SKT will also provide broader and more productive collaboration through multi-faceted fusion of technologies and flexibility with a universal layout to meet long-term needs.

The plan has put a strong emphasis on optimized work environment and systems that assist development of new products and services. The new labs are planned to be ideal places for the creation of new assets.

Konica Minolta has been striving to create new growth opportunities by catering to the changing needs of society with the technologies it developed over the years.

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