G&G Benefits Distributors with “Black Friday” Campaign

G&G Benefits Distributors with “Black Friday” Campaign

The year may be vanishing quickly, but special events keep happening. Black Friday 2022 is approaching as is the 2022 FIFA World Cup on 20 November.

To celebrate, G&G held its “When the World Cup Meets Black Friday” campaign in November. G&G provided three ways to help distributors create a winning game plan during this special period. Fantastic gifts and special offers are also part of the campaign.


“This is the first time the World Cup coincides with Black Friday,” said Adam Miao, Global Branding Director for Ninestar Image. “We are looking forward to seeing a great outcome for all our distributors and partners.”

G&G runs a campaign every year. Previous themes include “Going Green Ambassador Campaign”, Back- to-School Sales,” and “E-commerce.” Each campaign has provided partners, distributors, and other customers with several marketing tools to meet their respective, diversified needs. In this way, G&G works closely with them to help seize more market opportunities.

The “When the World Cup Meets Black Friday” campaign will only be available for a limited time, and distributors need to act quickly to get the partner benefits. Send an email today to info@ggimage.com.



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