Fuji Xerox to Tackle Thailand’s Paper Market

As reported in the Bangkok Post, Fuji Xerox Printers, a unit of Fuji Xerox Thailand, is planning to enter the office paper market in Thailand. The OEM believes it can “capitalize” on the fast-growing, demand for digital commercial printing in that country.

TKS Technologies has been appointed as authorized distributor for Fuji Xerox’s two premium paper models. Siriwan Sukanjanasiri, Managing Director of TKS Technologies, expects sales of Fuji Xerox paper to reach 100 million baht (about $3 million USD) this year through its stationery distribution networks and modern trade organization.

Rangsan Naratchariyangkul, Manager at Fuji Xerox Printers, said the OEM wants to provide 10% lower prices and compete directly with copy paper brands, such as Double A and Siam Cement Group’s Idea.

In addition, Mr. Rangsan noted that the demand for A4-sized paper remains strong as consumer demand shifts from offset printing paper. Also, the paper business will contribute at least 5% of sales revenue in 2014, with 60% from ink cartridges and 35% from printers.

According to the Bangkok Post, no growth was seen in the overall printing industry in 2013. However, the digital commercial printing sector was up by 15%, valued at 10 billion baht ($308 million USD) in 2013. By comparison, Thailand’s laser printer market only grew by 5%. Market researchers at Pira estimate that the demand for A4 paper will reach 850 billion sheets worth $85 billion by 2015. This is an increase from 800 billion sheets worth $82 billion this year.

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