First Day at RTISE-EMEA, Two Copier Partnerships Already Gained

First Day at RTISE-EMEA, Two Copier Partnerships Already Gained

The long-awaited RTISE-EMEA Summit Expo in Cairo, Egypt has received great reactions on its very first day on April 23.

70 exhibiting businesses from 8 countries, 87 Summit attendees, and 540 visitors came to the show on the first day. There were altogether 829 people from 25 countries present at the largest Summit-Expo of the industry in the region.

Exhibitors at the event told RT Media’s report that copiers seemed to what visitors on the first day cared about the most, for that most inquiries for products were for copiers.

Gaining two partnerships already, Mr. Nadar Shams, Board Director from the Egypt Copier Association, were excited, “The exhibitors are very satisfied with the orders received on the first day of the show, and the Egyptian Copier Association has also gained new partnerships through the show already!”

The show has been informative to the buyers. Most visitors checked every single booth to compare prices and inquire about the products.

First Day at RTISE-EMEA, Two Copier Partnerships Already GainedRT Media’s Tony Lee has commented, “We chose our final venue to hold the Expo in Cairo, Egypt after extensive researches on the region. As a hub for connecting Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Cairo has a unique geographical advantage. With more than 10 years of experience in holding exhibitions worldwide and rich resources from our international partners, we believe that this exhibition will to bring new market opportunities and better business platform for business cooperation to the office supplies industry in China, Europe and the Middle East and other region.”

According to the RT Media, it is estimated that over 1,200 people will attend the two-day event, a new record for RT Media’s international shows.

In June, RT Media will also hold the largest print consumable events in the Americas. For more information about the event, please visit


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