First Aftermarket Laser Toner Cartridges Designed for Recycling Available

ProEarth Toners, a McHenry, Illinois-based developer and distributor of cost-effective solutions for ink and toner cartridge remanufacturers, has recently rolled out a new ProEarth Laser Toner Cartridge which the company claims to be the first aftermarket product of its kind specifically designed for recycling, as revealed by

According to ProEarth Toners, priced at up to 50% less than OEM printer cartridges, the new release offers high-quality printing while being environmentally sustainable. The new toners feature a patent-pending tracking system coded onto each cartridge to provide accountability and responsible recycling. Through the ProEarth program, cartridges are disassembled and properly disposed of for reuse.

Harry Nicodem, President of ProEarth Toners and a 20-year veteran in the print cartridge industry, has designed numerous innovative cartridge products for recycling and reuse. He said, “ProEarth toners give consumers the confidence that their toner will perform well and not add to the growing problem of cartridges in landfills. With the introduction of ProEarth Toners, we are holding ourselves to a new, higher standard of accountability.”

To achieve 100% recycling, ProEarth provides built-in incentives for customers to return and recycle the toner cartridges.  For every ProEarth cartridge returned, ProEarth will email the customer a $5 voucher for a future purchase and make a donation to plant a tree.

“Our goal was to make doing the right thing easier for our customers”, says Nicodem. “We know that people want to recycle their cartridges, but there’s a lack of consistent, accountable recycling systems in place, especially for compatible cartridges. By incentivizing people with a $5 coupon and a commitment to plant trees for every ProEarth cartridge returned, we remove a lot of the barriers to recycling.”



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