SME Rolls Out New Inks for HP Cartridges

US-based ink and supplies manufacturer SME Inkjet LLC (SME) released new inks designed for the HP Officejet ProX 970 and 971 cartridges, which are used in HP Officejet Pro X476/x576 Multifunction Printers and x451/551 color printers.

The company asserted that these are the first of the Aspen branded inks it has offered. Though it has been making wide format and specialty OEM inks for numerous print heads for over 30 years, it was still a challenge for it to develop the ink for the Officejet ProX printers, due to the print head technology and resulting print speed of these devices. Plus, the firm claimed that using its ink products can help to reduce the printing cost for customers compared to color laser printers without compromising on print quality.

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