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Faroudja Toner Releases Color Toner for Xerox Series

Faroudja Toner Releases Color Toner for Xerox Series

Faroudja Toner According to Faroudja Toner, the newly released color toner is for use in the Xerox DocuColor 252.

Faroudja Toner claims the 10-kilogram (22-pound) bags are offered in black, cyan, yellow and magenta, while the developer is available separately. Bottles of the toner are also offered.

“This toner works for the whole Xerox DocuColor 252 family, so also functions for the Xerox DC 240, DC 242 and DC 250 engines. We’ve been working on it for a while, and believe customers will love the quality,” said company marketing director Timothy Farrell.

In addition to toner, a Xerox DocuColor 252 drum and reset fuse are provided.

Faroudja Toner, in San Carlos, CA, also stocks toner for Brother, HP, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox Phaser and supplies a wide range of parts and recharging tools.

For more information, please write info@faroudja-inc.com or call 530-407-1962.

About Faroudja Toner

Founded in 2004, Faroudja Toner sells black and color toners in bottles, bags and barrels. We also carry a wide range of recycling accessories, and all major cartridge parts. e have everything you need for recharging a laser printer cartridge. We are based in San Carlos, California, but sell internationally. Currently we are working on opening offices in Japan and Europe.



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