Faroudja Offers Bulk Toner for Xerox DocuColor C3535 MFPs

San Carlos, California-based Faroudja Toner has introduced color toners for the Xerox DocuColor C3535 multifunction color printer. Packed in 10-kilogram bags, the new product is available in the subtractive primaries—cyan, magenta and yellow—as well as black. These can be purchased individually or in multiple quantities. In addition, Faroudja noted it offers Xerox DocuColor C3535 OPC drums, drum chips and wiper blades.

Company President Phil Faroudja claims, “We definitely carry Xerox DocuColor C3535 in bottles, but 10 Kg bags offer big savings. In this unforgiving economic environment, people are looking to cut costs, and getting bulk toner is a good way.”

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