Extended Yield Toner Cartridges for HP Printers

MPS Engineered® extended yield toner cartridges for the HP M551 printer have been launched.

Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE) says the extended yield color cartridges were developed by three MSE technologies, including MPS Engineered, Advanced Color Technologies and the Secondary Cleaning System (SCS).

As was revealed, “The MSE Extended Yield color cartridges for the HP M551 offer up to 50% more yield and exhibit no TAB (toner additive buildup) on the PCR (Primary Charge Roller). The SCS technology keeps the transfer belt and printer clean, and – according to MSE lab results – provide a 99-plus-percent success rate. The superior operating costs and consistency make them ideal for MPS.”

“This is our second MPS engineered color release in the last 60 days and we intend to continue releasing these market-leading products,” notes Luke Goldberg, Senior VP at MSE. “We are uniquely capable of extending the life of color cartridges by virtue of our SCS technologies and our other patented and proprietary technologies. In this case, we are going from 6,000 pages in the C/M/Y units to an astounding 11,000 pages! For anyone selling CPP or in MPS this is an incredible profit enhancement opportunity.”

For more information, please visit www.mse.com

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