Epson Raids Fake Ink Businesses in Mumbai

Epson has taken measures in the fight against manufacturers and dealers of fake Epson ink bottles in order to restrain their sale and to defend its customers’ rights.

Mumbai police conducted a prompt and well-organized raid on a dealer in Jogeshwari, Mumbai on March 5 for producing and supplying counterfeit Epson ink bottles in Mumbai and other areas of India.

Mauji Kamji Ora, the manufacturer of the fake Epson ink bottles was jailed and charged for forging and violating Indian laws of intellectual property rights. The seizure also discovered around 1,000 packages of replenished ink bottles, together with duplicate logos, stickers and other equipment. Later the unit was closed.

The crime branch in Mumbai carried out a second raid following a tip off that a scam was also suspected of filling, bottling, packaging and distributing fake Epson ink in Mumbai and other regions of India. The owner of the unlawful ink shop fled and police arrested one of the shop’s employees instead. Police are tracking the owner. In this raid, police found 120 litres of coloured and black ink, 40,000 glossy papers, a large amount of packed and empty Epson ink bottles with Epson trademarks, packing boxes, Epson bar code stickers and logos.

Both raids follow a 2015 year-end raid in the Fountain area of Mumbai. Police in different parts of India have joined hands and are determined to end such practices and to see a non-tolerance position taken on the counterfeit cartridges in the market.

A spokesperson at Seiko Epson Corporation said “We applaud the efforts of the Mumbai police to curb this menace. We will continue vigorous enforcement of our intellectual property rights to protect our innovative products against those who use Epson’s patented technology, trademarks, and other intellectual property without permission.”

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