Epson Launches 2400dpi Color Printer

Epson is launching a new low cost 2400dpi A3+ digital color printer that dealer Kayell is retailing for $7699, with ink packs that last for 75,000 pages.

Andreas Johannson, sales director with Kayell, introduced that the new Epson Workforce Pro WF-8590TC will produce commercial sellable print, and at less than half the per page cost of current digital color printers.

The new Epson Workforce Pro WF-8590TC is a piezo electric inkjet printer. Johansson comments “It is the culmination of Epson’s huge $300m investment in Precision Core technology.”

Maximum resolution is 2400dpi using stochastic screening, maximum page size is 330x480mm (A3+), with 1831 sheets in the feed tray, printing at speeds of 24 sheets a minute in both color and black.

According to Johansson the Precision Core outperforms any other piezo technology on the market, and noted it will “change the playing field for digital printers”.

Kayell will be offering the Workforce Pro Rips range with a no click charge option, and with a three year warranty included while finishing systems offered by Kayell Australia.

(Source: i-grafix)


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