Epson Seizes 9357 Counterfeit Inks in India

Epson India Raids Counterfeits

Epson India Raids Counterfeits

Epson IndiaEpson India’s vigilance team and local police have jointly conducted raids on sellers in Lucknow, Mumbai, and New Delhi recently to curb the sale of counterfeit ink bottles and ribbon cartridges, according to

About 603 ink bottles and 510 ribbon cartridges were seized along with other printing material to manufacture counterfeit Epson ink bottles.

The parties involved in dealing with non-genuine Epson ink bottles/ribbon cartridges were immediately arrested and charged under the prevailing laws with counterfeiting and violating intellectual property rights.

The joint raids were conducted in collaboration with Lucknow Police, Mumbai Police, and Delhi Police, and those involved in the stocking and distribution of fake Epson ink bottles were remanded to judicial custody. Among the products seized during the raids were finished and unfinished ink bottles, cartridges, packaging material, and numerous sets of labels and holograms.

“Epson is proud of its commitment to protecting the rights of its valued customers. The successful collaboration between Epson and the local police to stop the sale of counterfeit products reflects Epson’s commitment to rooting out this unethical business practice. It shows our commitment to ensuring that customers continue to enjoy the quality and reliability Epson products are known for. We will continue to protect our intellectual property rights from those attempting to misuse our patented technology and trademarks,” said a spokesman of Epson India.

The raids were a result of a swift and well-coordinated action, conducted in October and November 2022.

Epson claims it will regularly conduct raids to curb counterfeit sales. Seiko Epson Corporation will continue to support and collaborate with law enforcement agencies in such raids.



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