Epson to Focus on Heat-free Inkjet Printing Only

Epson to Focus on Heat-free Inkjet Printing Only

EpsonEpson says it will now focus fully on the development of inkjet printing which is capable of printing between 40-60 papers per minute and uses less energy, according to

“This is due to the way the different technologies work – with laser requiring heat to fuse toner to a page where inkjet is a cold technology needing less energy to operate, ” said Mukesh Bector, Epson Head for East and West Africa.

Bector says the move was prompted by organizations prioritizing unmet social and environmental needs.

“The decision to leave the laser market has been inevitable. As a company, we’ve committed to sustainable innovation and action, and laser printers don’t fit within that. They consume more energy than business inkjets and use more consumable parts,” added Rob Clark Epson Europe Middle East and Africa Senior Vice President.

Data from IDC indicates that the business inkjet market in Western Europe is expected to grow at 5.1% annually as laser printing record -0.4% annual decline in demand. The trend is also similar for Africa and Middle Eastern markets.

“Our printing business will instead focus 100% on piezo Heat-Free inkjet, leveraging our proprietary technology to deliver efficient, sustainable print solutions for our partners and end users,” said Clark.

The latest shift in technology comes as the firm pledges to invest Ksh 89 billion towards environmental sustainability.



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