Dell Partners with Papercut to Slash Printing Costs for All Organizations

Dell Partners with Papercut to Slash Printing Costs for All Organizations

Dell has launched a new enterprise printing solution that will help businesses to efficiently manage printing budgets when using one of the firm’s printers and keep documents as secure as possible.

PaperCut is available to companies or organisations of any size and is designed as a monitoring solution that tracks, controls and records printing capacities and helps to ensure companies comply with local laws through audit trails.

“We are continually looking for new ways to provide increased value to our customers,” said Dave McNally, marketing director, Dell Imaging, EMEA. “PaperCut is easy to install and use, allowing businesses and organisations to transform their print environments and providing them with increased control over printing policies and capabilities including security, cost and waste”.

The solution also includes “Pull Printing” options that mean users can place a printing job on a server and then release it to any device that supports the software thus offering increased security as the document is held on a server and not in the printer tray.
Another strand to the solution is “Rules-Based Printing”, which allows organisations to manage printing capabilities centrally such as the ink being used and in the process keep overheads low and dampen the environmental footprint.

PaperCut includes support for multi-function printers [MFPs] that are often found in educational institutions and the software can be adapted to work with various requirements such as top-up cards and advanced scripting capabilties.

“PaperCut will further enhance those Dell solutions, allowing customers across many industries to quickly reduce waste, lower overheads and securely manage printed documents”, said Chris Dance, CEO, PaperCut.

It is the second enterprise printing offering launched by Dell in a matter of weeks after it launched two new services aimed at UK SMBs in order to enable them to better manage printing budgets and keep cartridges and toners stocked up.


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