Epson Awarded at ESG Finance Event

Epson Awarded at ESG Finance Event

Epson Awarded at ESG Finance Event

Epson Awarded at ESG Finance EventEpson proudly announced that it has been awarded the silver award at the 5th ESG Finance Awards Japan 2024 in the category ‘Environmentally Sustainable Corporate Department’. This marks Epson’s third consecutive win at this event.

Established in 2019, the ESG Finance Awards Japan seeks to promote and raise awareness of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) finance. Organized by the Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan, the event recognizes influential investors, financial institutions, financial services, and companies making significant contributions to the advancement of ESG finance.  Regarding the ‘Environmentally Sustainable Corporate Department’, the organizer seeks companies capable of effectively incorporating environmental opportunities and risks with corporate strategies, increasing corporate values while benefiting the environment, and gaining attention for corporate activities.

According to official remarks, Epson receives this award mainly because of its commitment towards its long-term ‘Epson 25 Renewed Vision’: Co-creating sustainability and enriching communities to connect people, things, and information by leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technologies. To realize its ambition, Epson has been continuously evaluating the significance of social issues, establishing respective KPIs and striving for them. The steady advancements and improvements of Epson’s corporate structures have been acknowledged by the organizer.

Looking ahead, Epson reaffirms its dedication to its guiding philosophy and pledges to maintain a balance between corporate development and addressing social issues.



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