Environmental Test Results on Printer Cartridges Analyzed rtmworld

Environmental Test Results on Printer Cartridges Analyzed

Environmental Test Results on Printer Cartridges Analyzed by AQCMS

Environmental Test Results on Printer Cartridges Analyzed rtmworldOn April 28 2020, the  Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) held an online conference with its association members. A number of representatives from state and public organizations joined in.

During the conference, reports were heard from the heads of Expert Council on the subject of environmental safety (by Dr Alexey Belikov and Dr Yulia Danilogorskaya) regarding the results of tests done on OEM and compatible (both new and remanufactured) cartridges found in the Russian market.

Environmental Test Results on Printer Cartridges Analyzed rtmworldThe conference participants expressed their concerns regarding the current situation in the Russian market. “The reuse of cartridges undoubtedly reduces the so-called environmental load, while single-use cartridges add to landfills. The remanufacturing (recycling) industry as a more rational and safe alternative to toxic newly-built cartridges definitely requires state support and development,” was noted by Alexey Belikov (pictured right).

“Each day the amount of data regarding the chemical composition of newly-built cartridges grows. It’s not only decaBDE in plastics but also VOCs in toner, lead in contact groups as well as cobalt, benzene and naphthalene… The health of the office equipment users is the area which today requires our full attention. Therefore our Expert Council constantly works in contact with European Association  ETIRA and the scientific community in researching the dangers and extent of the above violations,” added Yulia Danilogorskaya (pictured left).

According to the results of the discussion, the Expert Council on Environmental Issues received the following tasks:

  • to continue the eco-tests of OEM and compatible consumables present on the Russian market;
  • to strengthen the informing of specialists responsible for consumables procurement in state and large commercial organizations on the received test results (together with Information Agency “Business-Inform”);
  • to submit the results of the performed tests to the Information Agency “Business-Inform” for  their further use in performing  scientific research on evaluation of the Russian market and creating recommendations for choosing Russian and foreign suppliers of consumables for large procurement in state and large commercial organizations;
  • to take the results of the tests into the account in developing of the Program for Support and Promotion of the Remanufactured products of the confirmed quality in Russia.

The participants of the conference urged Dr Stanislav Malinskiy, the President of AQCMS, to continue working on having the representatives of state organizations and large commercial companies discuss policing and organizational issues related to the supply of consumables for printing devices in 2020-2021.

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