Entire Current Range of Chemical Color Toners Recognized

Indian toner manufacturer NAND ipl announced its entire current range of chemical color toner has received Nordic White Swan (Version 5.1).

“We believe our unique manufacturing and patented technology allied to our selection of high quality raw materials ensures that the contaminants and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) in NAND toners are kept to an absolute minimum,” noted Dr. A Kumar Srivastava, Managing Director and CTO at NAND. “NAND understands that environmental criteria like Nordic White Swan will become ever more important in the aftermarket toner arena as more and more institutions and European Government Bodies insist upon it in their tendering processes for remanufactured colour laser cartridges.”

Kumar Binit, CFO and co-founder of NAND, said, “With European distribution, warehousing, technical services, REACH compliance, GHS/CLP systems all in place, and now achieving Nordic White Swan criteria, NAND is able to support its ever growing European customer base and sales better than any of its competitors.”

For more information, please visit www.nandipl.com

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