Empty Cartridges Used to Raise Funds for Lost Souls

A Catholic Church in Chicago is calling on residents to help collect enough empty printer cartridges so that it can win funding from a fundraising-through-recycling company.

Ronda Shotsberger, business manager of the River Grove Church, claims they have been collecting cartridges for about a year, aiming to receive a $500 donation through FundingFactory. Currently, they’re looking for more empty cartridges to reach the goal, particularly those branded Brother, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Hasler and NEO.

“The money we raise goes to fund our religious education program,” Ronda said. “It pays for books and supplies. It’s a win for our environment and a win for the church.”

According to TonerNews, people both members of the church and non-members have been invited to join the program, and contribute to saving the environment and perhaps a few souls in the process.

More information, Contact Shotsberger at 708-453-4800.

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