Employee Rips £10,000 Worth of Cartridges Off His Boss

Employee Rips £10,000 Worth of Cartridges Off His Boss

A 49 year-old UK man has gone to court accused of stealing printer cartridges from the store where he worked, selling them online.

According to the Liverpool Echo, James Worrall was accused of stealing £10 (US$13) to £24 (US$31) worth of ink cartridges every week for 4 years. He admitted selling them on his private eBay account.

Worrall, a night time shelf-stacker at ASDA, was caught on the store’s CCTV security network stealing perfume. He told the judge that he was not the first employee to steal, and many others were doing it also.

Worrall confessed to his crimes and was given a 12 months jail sentence, suspended for two years. He was placed on a three-month home curfew as part of a 12 months’ supervision program. He was also required to complete 200 hours of unpaid work.

Worrall (picture credit: Liverpool Echo) was seen leaving the court in disgrace. The judge said, “You came to this job and you saw staff pilfering going on and thought ‘yes, why not?’

“You were, as a night staff worker, in a position of trust, which you abused serially, several times a week, for a long period of time.”

Source: liverpoolecho.co.uk

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