Dongle Gear Battle with Canon Settled

Dennis Haines (pictured), Founding CEO of Badger Office Supplies in the UK, told delegates at the RT Imaging Summit in Barcelona in 2015 that he would not be bullied and would fight for commonsense and the right outcome with Canon. Now, Haines shares with RT Media the latest update on the case.

According to Haines, Inkjet Direct, Badger Office Supplies and Greentrees International have signed a confidential Settlement Agreement with Canon, regarding the 407 dongle patent matter.

In a short statement issued midday UK time on 16th February, “Canon and Badge Office Supplies Limited, Inkjet Direct Limited and Greentrees International Limited have agreed to resolve their pending dispute in the Patents Court of the High Court of Justice of England & Wales regarding Badger, Inkjet Direct and Greentrees alleged infringement of Canon’s European Patent EP (UK) 2,087,407. To resolve these matters, Badger, Inkjet Direct and Greentrees have agreed not to dispose of, offer to dispose of, use, keep, import or otherwise deal with certain products which Canon accused of infringement. Further details of the settlement are confidential.”

A copy of their statement is as follows:


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