Dinglong Chemicals Hosts New Year Banquet, Launches New Products

Hubei Dinglong Chemicals Co, Ltd. (Dinglong, China) hosted its New Year’s banquet combined with a product launch at the Holiday Inn in Zhuhai, China. Dinglong’s Chairman, Mr. Zhu Shuangquan said, “We held this event to extend our thanks to our industry partners for their trust and support. Also, we would like to introduce our new products, share our outlook for the industry and establish ever-lasting partnerships to enhance the development of the domestic print consumables industry. ”

At the banquet, Mr. Shuangquan expressed his wish to lead Dinglong to a better future and speed up its product research and development. In September 2012, the company rolled out its first color toner product. Since then, Dinglong’s color toner product line has become more diversified. Also, Dinglong has transformed from an R&D-oriented corporation to a customer service-oriented enterprise.

Mr. Ye Pei, Vice Sales Manager at Dinglong, gave a presentation of the company’s history and development strategies. According to Ye,
“With perseverance in continuous innovation and respect for proprietary intellectual property rights, Dinglong has actively participated in global competition at the high-end market, and has grown to be an internationally prominent supplier of new chemical materials including charge control agents, commercial inkjet printing, resins, colorants, polymerized color toners, dispersing agents and emulsions.”

Doctor Xiaogui Lin, who made a speech at the 2013 Printing Consumables Industry Conference organized by Recycling Times, presented the latest products from Dinglong and delivered a toner tutorial. At the present time, toners for HP 6015, Samsung CLP 326/366/680ND, KM 1600W, Dell 310CN/3115CN and Xerox 6180/6280 are all available on the market. In the meantime, R&D on toner for Fuji Xerox, Xerox, Brother, OKI, Konica Minolta and Ricoh machines is still underway.

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