Kilider Granted EU Patent Certification

Kilider Granted EU Patent Certification

Kilider Granted EU Patent Certification

Kilider Granted EU Patent CertificationKilider patent (No. EP 19180456.6) was approved by the European patent office, after more than three years of examination.

According to Kilider, the EP 19180456.6 patent adopts cam piston toner feeding, which ensures that toners can enter the developer unit more smoothly. In addition, the agitators inside the cartridges come up with multilayer reverse-thread design, ensuring smooth toner dispense to the cartridge. Kilider claims that the solution has also obtained patent certificates from China and the US patent office.

Kilider claims that this patent applies to Canon toner cartridges NPG-65/GPR-51/C-EXV47, NPG-66/GPR-52/C-EXV48, NPG-67/GPR-53/C-EXV49, C-EXV54,NPG- 76/GPR-58/C-EXV55, NPG-71/GPR-55/C-EXV51, NPG-83/GPR-61/C-EXV58, NPG-73/GPR-57/C-EXV53, NPG-84/ C-EXV59, 034, GPR-55 etc.

Kilider has been sticking to technological innovation. “Our technical team has designed and developed a large number of workaround patented products with independent technology and style. Some of the independent innovation products improve the structural defects of the original products. The new patent not only meets the demand for good-pricing and high-quality products but also is valuable for customers to avoid patent infringement,” said the spokesman of Kilider.

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