Demand Outstrips Supply for HP New Latex 3000

Australian printers are queueing up for HP’s new Latex 3000 large-format device, with more than half a dozen orders before the product has even officially launched.

Asia-Pacific Vice-President Gido van Praag said demand for the machine currently exceeded manufacturing capacity, with orders also received from other countries in the region, including New Zealand, China and Japan, since it was unveiled a month ago.

Van Praag said the Latex 3000 offered “new levels of productivity, quality and application versatility” in response to “ever shrinking timelines and tighter budgets for projects”.

The Latex 3000 can reach 77sqm per hour for indoor applications and 120sqm for outdoor applications. It can print in six colours and at 1,200dpi. Prints come out dry and odourless, according to HP.

“The printer offers broader media versatility, including heat-sensitive substrates, with the HP Latex Optimizer.

“Its new ink solution ensures consistent image quality at high speeds as well as efficient curing at lower temperatures and with less energy than previous HP latex solutions.

“Third-generation HP 881 latex inks also provide a scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on certain substrates making them ideal for applications including retail displays, outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics and interior décor.”

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