UniNet Launches New Toners, Chips, Components

Los Angeles-based UniNet Imaging, an aftermarket manufacturer of laser printer supplies and chips, announced the following new product releases:

Absolute Color® Toner and Smartchips For HP Enterprise M855/M880 MFP
The new HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M855 printer and the Enterprise flow M880 MFP are two machines based on the same color print engine. The M855 is a 46-ppm printer, while the M880 MFP is a complete 70-ppm printer, copier, scanner and fax. These machines are targeted at high end printing applications, and feature paper sizes up to 11″ x 17″ (A3), 1200 dpi resolutions, duplexing, and wireless printing capabilities.
The toner and OPC drum cartridges are separate, unlike the all-in-one HP cartridge design that we are so familiar with. Toner cartridges are rated at 29,000 pages for black and 32,000 for the colors in the M855, and 29,500 (black) and 32,500 pages (color) for the M880 MFP. The drum units are rated at 30,000 pages for both.

Absolute BLACK® Toner and Smartchip for Xerox Phaser 3010/3040 and WorkCentre 3045 monochrome printer
The Xerox Phaser 3010/3040 and WorkCentre 3045 are new small-sized monochrome printers for home or small office printing environments. The Phaser 3010 is rated at 20 ppm, and the Phaser 3040 and WorkCentre 3045 versions at 24 ppm. The WorkCentre 3045 also features printing, copying, scanning and faxing, all in a compact, small footprint design.

These machines take a small toner cartridge that is the only user replaceable item that normally gets changed out. OEM toner cartridges are rated at 1,000 pages and 2,300 pages.

Absolute BLACK® Toner and Smartchip for use in Kyocera FS 1061 TK-1125/1127/1129 monochrome printer series
The Kyocera FS-1061 is a new low-end monochrome printer rated at 25 ppm. This compact printer follows Kyocera’s typical design, where only the toner cartridge gets replaced. It is therefore considered EASY TO REMANUFACTURE, since no other components are needed.

The toner cartridges TK-1125, 1127 and 1129 are rated at 2,100 pages.

X Generation® Color toner and components for use in HP LaserJet Enterprise M651 color printer series.
The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M651 is the replacement product for the HP CP4525 printer. This new version printer is slightly faster and features higher yielding toner cartridges than its predecessor.  Additional printer features include duplexing and mobile printing capabilities. This engine is rated at 45ppm at 1,200 dpi resolution, and so far, HP’s fastest color laser printer in the market. The toner cartridges are rated at 20,500 and 11,500 pages for the black and 15,000 pages for the colors. The toner cartridges are similar to the CP4525 and conversion kits will be available soon. UniNet offers a complete remanufacturing solution for this cartridge.

Absolute Color® toner and components for use in Samsung CLP-365, CLX-3305 color printer series
The Samsung CLP-365 color laser printer is your basic low-end color printer, and does not include many features. This engine’s primary features are its small size and low cost, making it very popular around the world. It also prints in black at 19 ppm, but slows down to only 4 ppm when printing in color.
The print quality is excellent, and the toner cartridges are rated at 1,500 pages for the black and 1,000 pages for the colors.
This is potentially a very profitable cartridge because it is considered EASY TO REMANUFACTURE; it only requires you to replace the toner and smartchips. UniNet offers a complete remanufacturing solution for these cartridges.

X Generation® Black toner and components for use in Konica Minolta PagePro 1500W, 1550, MFP 1580, 1590 printer series
The Konica Minolta PagePro 1500W is a small footprint, 20 ppm monochrome laser printer, featuring a separate toner and drum unit. Toner cartridges are rated at 1,200 or 2,600 pages and the drum unit is rated at 12,000 pages. This small printer will work on a variety of paper sizes and weights, making it an ideal choice for small businesses.

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