A Call for Paper Mills in Nigeria


Nigeria is in great need of functioning paper mills as the country’s printers  rely on imported papers and other printing consumables, such as ink.

According to the Nigeria Observer, the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON) points out that the country is short of paper mills, which is also worsening the nation’s unemployment situation.

Mr. Muhammed Lawal, President of the Institute, asserts, “We don’t have any functioning paper mill in Nigeria as of now; printers depend on imports of paper and other printing consumables. If they were functioning, they would have given this country 70% to 75% employment; if they were functioning, Nigeria would have industrialized.”

Additionally, he noted that printing overseas is making the nation lose money through capital flight; the shortage of paper mills will result in many problems, as paper is a major raw material.

“There is no alternative than for the government to look at areas where it can partner with foreign companies to establish paper mills in Nigeria,” Lawal added.

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