David Connett Steps Down as Editor of The Recycler Magazine

David Connett Steps Down as Editor of The Recycler Magazine

David Connett (pictured), the publisher and editor of the UK based “The Recycler Magazine” has resigned his position of editor, to take up a new role as CEO of Triton Precision Engineering.

According to Colin Davison, the current CEO, Connett will replace him as CEO so that Davison can retire shortly.

In a press statement released at the Focus on Europe conference in Lisbon today, and to all of Davison’s global customers, Davison says, “The new CEO of Triton will be David Connett, the former editor of the Recycler Magazine. David has resigned his position as editor of the Recycler to take up the role at Triton Precision Engineering.

Davison explains Connett’s role will be to “expand Triton’s existing range and oversee all aspects of product development and define and drive product strategy and sales.”

Connett has spent decades in the remanufacturing industry, first as a remanufacturer, and then bought the Recycler Magazine from Steve Weedon. He is a formidable industry leader and a popular international speaker. He has a strong background in engineering, forged with service in the British military in the Middle East and in the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina.

Davison was honored at the Focus on Europe in Portugal for his lifetime endeavors in the manufacturing sector and the last 20 years at Triton Precision Engineering.

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