Counterfeits settle out of Court

Counterfeits settle out of Court

Canon has agreed to settle the Myanmar counterfeit case out of court, following a public apology.

Four Myanmar sellers were allegedly found selling Canon imitation ink cartridges for almost four years. Canon then filed a lawsuit to the four sellers at Myoma Police Station in Nay Pyi Taw on August 28. However, Canon has agreed to drop the case, according to Daw Tin Ohnmar Htun, Canon’s lawyer and vice chair of the Asean Intellectual Property Owners Association. Earlier this month, U Han Myo Aung, managing director of Aung Myin Thu Computer, Printer and Accessories Sales and Services, and U Ye Thu Ya, manager of Laser IT and Mobile Shop, made a public apology to Canon through state-owned media.

Daw Tin Ohnmar Htun pointed out the sellers had no intention of hurting Canon’s profits, as the counterfeit ink cartridges were sold at less than five times the price of the OEM ones.

U Aung Soe, an expert on intellectual property, stressed the importance of respecting brands, saying, “We have to consider labels, if we want our country to develop. Don’t steal from other people’s brains to produce imitations.”



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