Washington Company Issued Seizure and Forfeiture Order

USITC has issued a seizure and forfeiture order to a Washington-based company.

According to the copy provided to RT Media, the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“Customs”) denied entry of a shipment from Inksac Corp. The Customs found that certain ink cartridges imported by Inksac violated the general exclusion order relating to Epson No. 337-TA-565 investigation, and reported to USITC requesting a seizure and forfeiture order from USITC.

Based on the information provided by Customs, USITC has issued a seizure and forfeiture order to the aforesaid company.

To date, USITC has issued 162 seizure and forfeiture orders to the printing consumables industry. This one is said to be the 10th issuance in 2017.

*USITC is an abbreviation for United State International Trade Commission.

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