Counterfeiting Operations Busted in Saudi Arabia

Counterfeiting Operations Busted in Saudi Arabia

Ink cartridges among collection of 36,000 counterfeit products were seized from several locations in southern Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

According to Arab News, 36,000 adulterated products from several locations, including ink cartridges, shampoo and beauty creams, were seized by officials from the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia. The seizures were destroyed, with responsible persons handed over to further investigation.

As was revealed, the busted locations were old houses in southern Riyadh. During field inspection, the workers on site were caught storing and repacking counterfeit products. The products involved were sold to other stores, claimed to be “original branded products”.

Also, another 12,000 counterfeit cartridges were confiscated in the raid against a two-floor house in Shimaisi District and two apartments in Malaz District.

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