Hubei Dinglong Strengthens its Market Position

Hubei Dinglong Chemicals Co., Ltd (Dinglong, China) is accelerating its integration strategy, focusing on its core product—color polymerized toners—to dominate the print consumables industry.

According to its restructuring plan, Dinglong is set to purchase 100% stock shares in Hangzhou Qijie Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Chaojun Technology Co., Ltd and Ningbo Flexitone New Material Co., Ltd valued at RMB 990 million (USD$151.5 million).

The completion of the acquisition will further enrich the company’s products range by adding chips, aftermarket cartridges, as well as chemical toners.

The restructuring plan also reveals that the acquisition will be paid in cash (RMB 237 million or US$36.4 million) as well as stock (39.32 million stocks at US$2.94 per stock).

Dinglong believes the acquisition alter its business significantly.

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