DCI Expands Production Capacity, Alters Strategy on Epson Cartridges

Dynamic Cassette International Ltd. (DCI Jet Tec), an inkjet and toner remanufacturer based in Lincolnshire, UK, announced it has doubled its remanufacturing production capacity at its production facility. Meanwhile, as part of the settlement of a two-year legal dispute with Seiko Epson Corporation, the addition of remanufactured Epson cartridges will replace DCI-Jet Tec’s Epson-compatible, aftermarket cartridges.

According to DCI, the increased capacity results from its continued organic growth, new customers and its environmental strategy which include the addition of Epson remanufactured products to its product range. DCI laid emphasis on the benefits of its absolute control over the manufacturing process as well. Also, DCI noticed its production capacity increase has led to over 50 more jobs in the area in the last three months, which enables the company to expect a strong final quarter this year.

A DCI spokesperson said, “Speed to market, a short supply chain and complete control over product quality has been the cornerstone of our success in the past and will continue to be in the future. Our customers drive us. In a market place filled with poor quality products, customers want transparency of the supply chain.  They tell us they want environmentally friendly products and a closed loop recycling solution.”

In addition, DCI has stopped its manufacture of new aftermarket cartridges for Epson printers, which Epson said in a brief statement. According to some insider privy to the legal action between DCI and Epson, the mounting legal costs and the uncertainty of the outcome of the trial for both parties was a factor in a settlement being reached. All other terms of the settlement remain confidential.

Robert Clark, Vice President of Epson Europe, said: “We invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our customers receive the best possible imaging results from our products. As a business we are committed to protecting our investments, assets and our resulting products and technologies, the world over.”

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