Clover Announces Key Hires to Expand in Mexico and Latin America

Clover, global corporation in the recovery, refurbishment, remanufacturing and redeployment of business and electronic assets, announced the hiring of key sales and business development executives in Mexico and Latin America.

According to the company, these new staff will be responsible for strengthening Clover’s position in Mexico and Latin America as Clover increases its focus on the booming Latin America market.

Luke Goldberg, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing for Clover, said, “The coupling of Clover’s world-class sales and distribution infrastructure and manufacturing with the broad and deep experience of these highly tenured sales executives lays the critical foundation for rapidly expanding our business in Mexico and Latin America.”

Goldberg added, “We see great growth potential in these emerging markets and are committed to investing the resources to make this a reality. Dealers globally are seeking true OEM alternative products combined with world class services and these hirings are just the beginning of our efforts to solidify our position in this region; over the next 12 months we will continue to be laser focused on supply chain, logistics, and product availability to ensure an outstanding customer experience for our Mexico and Latin America customers.”



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