Print-Rite Launches Compatible Chips

Print-Rite has launched compatible chips for Kyocera TK1150/1160 series of toner cartridges.

According to Print-Rite, the technology used on this series of chips is different from Print-Rite’s previous TK-1/2/3 generation of technology,  which is defined as the TK-4 technology. Print-rite used to release the first Kyocera compatible chips in the world.

In addition, Print-Rite also reveals that its new chips can measure print yields accurately. The performance of those compatible chips is also comparable to the OEM ones.

In October, 2016, Kyocera launched TK1150/1160/3160/5220 and other cartridges, which were compatible with Kyocera’s various laser printers.

Detailed product information is as follows,

For more information please click here.



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