Toshiba Sells TCM to Bain Capital

Toshiba Sells TCM to Bain Capital

Toshiba Sells TCM to Bain CapitalOriginal written by Kathleen Wirth and published at Wirth Consulting

 Toshiba Says it Will Sell Memory Business to Consortium Led by Bain Capital

According to Wirth Consulting, financially struggling Toshiba Corporation of Japan has been entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to sell its highly valuable Toshiba Toshiba Sells TCM to Bain Capital(TCM) to U.S.-based Bain Capital Private Equity, the leader of a consortium currently bidding to purchase Toshiba’s memory-chip business, which is worth about US$20 billion.

The Bain Capital consortium includes Bain, the Development Bank of Japan, and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan. The signing of the MOU is non-binding, and doesn’t eliminate Toshiba’s consideration of other purchasers.

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