Cirrato Chosen for Keypoint’s Award

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Cirrato One has been chosen for a Keypoint Intelligence’s award for their new platform which consolidates printer servers.

Cirrato Chosen for Keypoint’s Award

Cirrato One has been selected for Keypoint’s 2018 Pick Award for their server consolidation and centralized print management system.

According to Keypoint Intelligence -Buyers Lab, maintaining traditional print infrastructure is exceedingly difficult and time consuming, with print output costs often unacknowledged.  Keypoint told Market Insiders they honored Cirrato One with the Outstanding Enterprise Print Environment Management Solution award due to their “ability to effectively address these pain points and many others related to an enterprise’s print output”.

Keypoint told Market Insiders that Cirrato’s platform replaced traditional printing servers with a central server, allowing for Direct IP printing, minimizing WAN traffic as each print job isn’t sent all across the traditional multi-server network.

“Designed as an enterprise-grade solution, Cirrato One features redundancy and fail-over capabilities we have not seen in other print-infrastructure management platforms,” Keypoint Intelligence Director of Software Analysis Jamie Bsales said.

“And the platform’s security features, such as support for secure pull printing and unique identifiers for each user, job, and output device, help ensure that information in an organization’s print stream is always safe,” he said.

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