CIG & Print Audit Create A Wholesale Program for Managed Print

The market’s first wholesale SBB (Seat Based Billing) or CPS (Cost Per Seat) program for managed print will be delivered as a result of a collaboration between the Clover Imaging Group (CIG) and Print Audit®.

CIG expects this to stimulate providers of managed print to help save costs for their customers while improving and protecting total dealer profits.

A detailed list of SBB/CPS prices for office devices ranging from toner, service and parts is being offered to office equipment dealers.

At present, the Axess Express consists of rapid assessment, user workflow assessments, remote meter reading, supplies fulfillment, service alerting, cost recovery, rules-based printing, along with purpose built SBB/CPS reporting and alerting.

CIG’s Vice President of MPS Solutions—Aldo Spensieri expressed, “CIG is excited to partner with Print Audit on our SBB/CPS offering. The Axess SBB/CPS offering will help de-commoditize the page and better align dealer and customer goals while taking away the risk of a fixed monthly billing structure. We are on the verge of a new way to deliver managed print and CIG is proud to lead the way.”

Other markets have already used the Managed IT Services of the Axess SBB/CPS offerings. Meanwhile, compared with traditional CPP models, they maintain bountiful merits such as budgetable costs for print, profit protection, unified billing and access to new revenue streams.

The Vice President of Business Development in Print Audit—West McDonald said, “Print Audit is focused on helping office equipment dealers to make more money and CIG’s SBB/CPS wholesale offering aligns perfectly with that goal. The time for a new way to deliver MPS through SBB has arrived and we are thrilled to be an integral piece of the Axess Express SBB offering through CIG.”

For detailed information on the partnership between CIG and Print Audit, please contact Print Audit at 1-877-412-8348 or visit:

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