China is the future for printing Consumables

Facing a room full of international attendees, Mary OuYang (pictured)—CEO of Zhuhai Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd, and also the secretary General of the Zhuhai Printing Consumables Association—explained why China is the future of the global industry.
As keynote speaker at the RT Industry summit, OuYang reviewed the development history of printing consumables industry in Zhuhai. She believes China is the future of the printing consumables industry, pointing out four core competences:

  • Raw materials: manufacturers of best raw materials located in China produce and provide high quality products with stable performance;
  • Policy support: Zhuhai City has established the 1st printing supplies patent database to support the industry;
  • Innovation: There are over 5,000 patents for the printing consumables industry in Zhuhai so far;
  •  Industry capacity: China provides 80% ribbons, 60% ink cartridges and 40% toner cartridges to the world.

Speaking of the future of the industry, OuYang reminded her audience the industry still has to get prepared for the challenges ahead, such as technical barriers and managed competition.
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