Charlotte County Launches Curbside e-Waste Recycling Program

Charlotte County’s new Curbside e-Waste Recycling program has collected a mound of printers, computers, television sets and stereo equipment. Individual residents can dispose of their e-Waste free through a new county program. However, businesses must pay $35 for a pick-up of commercial e-Waste and $15 for second items picked up on the same day.

“Residents had to take electronic waste to a designated location.” Cyndee Woolley, Waste Management spokeswoman said, “Think about how disposable all of them are now and how inexpensive it is to replace them.” She stated that in the 1990s the price of a computer was so high that people could only replace them every year or two, but now people could acquire a new printer every 6 months to a year.

Ms. Woolley also concludes that the new recycling program protects the environment, extends the life of the landfill and reduces their consumption to protect future generations.

On behalf of Charlotte County, Waste Management is now operating the sprawling landfill. Richard Allen, Operations Manager of solid waste for the county, said, “We can divert tons of additional waste from our landfill which will protect and preserve our environment for generations to come.”

Todd Peres, District Manager of Waste Management, said that the company picked up 232 electronic items for recycling in the first two weeks of the new program. People called the company a day or two before their normal curbside recycling day, requesting the e-Waste collection. Then, they take the electronics to the curb before nightfall. Mr. Peres suggested, “Take advantage of this curbside service.”

Charlotte County will likely be one of the first American communities to make e-Waste recycling easier for residents and businesses. Its e-Waste collection volume will probably exceed the American average.

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