Charles Sharp Finds Great Opportunities for Digital Ink Jet Printing Applications

At Recycling Times’ Conference@2013: Preparing for Change on October 16, 2013, Charles Sharps, Founder of Digital Image Technology, talked on Growth Applications for Digital Ink Jet Printing.

In his speech, Charles started with the expertise of his company, Digital Ink Jet Printing, which includes Business Management, Strategic Planning, Merger & Acquisition, Divestiture, Business Turn Around, and New Business/Market Development.

Further, he introduced the evolving history of the inkjet ink, development of wide format and its application. With respect to ink types, he explained that the category has evolved to include aqueous inks, solvent inks, oil based inks, phase change inks, UV curable inks, fabric inks and latex inks.

Charles pointed out that an application explosion of inks is occurring, in a variety of fields such as  point of purchase, trade show graphics, design/rendering, presentation graphics, information graphics, super wide apps, digital art, textiles and so on.

For the future of inkjet inks, Charles opined huge opportunities are yet to come, created by the needs for cost reduction and speed. As has been mentioned in the speech, opportunities are open for technology replacement, including screen printing replacement, offset printing replacement and potential paint replacement. Furthermore, there is an inevitable trend for a greener landscape, with some green ink jet technology beginning to replace other less green technology.

Charles noted that emerging applications in ink jet come in packaging printing, textile printing, 3D printing, custom decoration / advertising printing, industrial printing, edible printing and promotional product printing.

The expert concluded his speech by disclosing the opportunities with these new applications in the following fields–printer and head development, inks, fluids and cartridges, media development, systems integration, software, applications development and service and support.

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