Changes Made to Conform with New Global Strategies

For the sake of customer orientation and streamlining worldwide headquarters and organizations in the U.S., Ricoh Americas has announced changes in its management leadership.

According to, Jeff Briwick, the EVP of the Shared Services Business Group of Ricoh Americas will oversee three business groups, including Office Solutions Business Group, Office Services Business Group and Commercial and Industrial Printing Business Group. While Martin Brodigan, the chairman and CEO of Ricoh Americas will leave the company in compliance with the company’s new global structure.

Ricoh to Close Four Offices

Jim Coriddi will continue to lead the dealer organization of Ricoh Americas. He will report to Peter Stuart, the head of the sales organization of the company.

Those changes signify that Ricoh Americas will transfer the direction of its individual lines of businesses from R&D to market. The company will also concentrate more on vital customer segments and integrate its entire global value chain. In addition, the company also inclines to abandon the operational mode of running individual departments and transform itself into an organization led by services.

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