UniNet, Systemata and RGF Unite Forces

Originally written and published by openpr.de .

RFG, UniNet and Systemata have united to set new standards in A3 printing through a printer that prints on more than just paper.

UniNet, Systemata and RGF Unite Forces

RFG and its industrial partners have been putting the pieces together to improve A3 color printing through the widespread use of white toner systems.

UniNet’s iColor 600 has been matched with its own version of Systematas Transfer RIP, openpr.de reported.  Features of this match included new toner for colored sublimation printing; white overprint, which can be used for thermal transfer printing; white underprint for the direct printing of colored and dark materials; CMYK prints without white; fluorescent printing; and, printing with lacquer and with safety toner.

The iColor 600 referred to an A3 digital printing system which can print on multiple surfaces for small service providers, in-house productions or larger service providers, openpr.de reported.

RFG employee Thomas Meurers  said the opportunities seven digital printers provided was unique.  Mr Meurers further mentioned the sublimation toner; the ability to pre-print white and reprint white to print full-color colored materials; and, printing on materials such as foil was possible.

According to openpr.de, the sublimation toner for the iC600 consists of four CMKY toners and corresponding drums as a sublimation kit.

Openpr.de reported UniNet employee Zoltan Matyas demonstrated how to use neon toners, clarifiers to perform varnish refinement and the use of secure toner for the transfer of applications to materials like T-shirts.

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