Cartridge World’s CEO Calls for Quality in Aftermarket Supplies

Rod Young, CEO of Cartridge World, one of the largest franchisors in the print consumables industry, appealed to aftermarket suppliers to provide quality productsin his presentation at Recycling Times’ Imaging Summit in Zhuhai on October 15. He said the printing consumables market for ink and toner products is substantial, valued at about $80 billion.As a global leader with over 1,400 stores in 50 countries, Cartridge World believes the market for quality print consumables is growing and the future for the aftermarket is splendid, as there are “millions and millions of printers being sold and trillions of pages being printed”.

Young believes that most customers want quality. Price is not the top consideration. He asked, “If low price is the only consideration, why haven’t the lowest price products gained 100% of the business?” With its unique franchising model, Cartridge World has proven that consumers are actually looking for value and service. He declared thatCartridge World is dedicated to providing better value than OEMs with the same quality.

Young added, “My plea to the industry is that we need suppliers who can actually deliver quality and innovative products. Sure, we’re interested in price, but first, we’re interested in quality. It’s not quality sometime. It’s quality all the time.”

He pointed out that the industry has lost countless customers over the last 15 years, because product qualityand product consistency arecompromising business. As one attendee echoed, “If we got the consistency of quality right, the market opportunities out there would be way bigger than billions of dollars!”

Young also revealed Cartridge World’s plan to accelerate global expansion. Apart from the traditional Business to Customer (B2C) model, Cartridge World is developing a new Business to Business (B2B)model. It’s moving heavily into e-commerce and continues to grow its network and brand.

Commenting on the conference, Young said, “I think the Imaging Summit is well organized, the quality of the speakers is high, the information is splendid and the willingness of the delegates to share their experiences is very valuable to myself and the entire Cartridge World team.”

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