Cartridge World Finds Different Preferences in Supply Ordering

Cartridge World reported that 76% of small to mid-sized businesses would like to order printer cartridges online and 58% prefer to buy supplies in-store.

According to Business Wire, Cartridge World has conducted a study with results based on a sample of 400 respondents from 40 different states. The survey included companies of up to 100 employees, covering businesses in computer services, real estate, schools, construction/contracting, law offices, hotels, mortgage brokers and other occupations.

The study also showed that businesses with a higher number of staff will put more energy in customer service and extra services, such as repair of printers and copiers. Compared with home-based businesses, over 50% of office-based businesses find it more valuable when they use printing products and services together.

Further, Cartridge World observed that larger office-based businesses prefer to buy products online and use multiple purchasing channels. Meanwhile, smaller home-based businesses would like to do shopping in-store.

William D. Swanson, CEO of Cartridge World North America, said, “One consumer insight is that while shopping for printing supplies, the online channel remains primary among business customers but a significant market share still prefers a personalized in-store experience. Based on this insight, Cartridge World launched a refresh plan to update more than 500 brick-and-mortar locations in North America. Plus, we’ll continue to deliver best-in-class customer service for our e-commerce buyers. Cartridge World franchisees who adopted our new B2B model are experiencing larger volume sales and ROI (return on investment) through building relationships with business customers. The research confirms our service remains extremely relevant in today’s marketplace.”

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