Cartridge World Debuts Infinity Printing Service for Schools

Cartridge World, a leading office supplies and printing solutions business based in East Lancashire, UK, launched its new Infinity Printing Service for the educational sector, including infant, primary and high schools.

The new service provides educational establishments with a wireless multifunction business rated inkjet printer, together with unlimited ink, from as little as £19.99 a month. Further, the printers offered can be fixed or replaced at no extra charge if it breaks down, as long as it’s not through misuse.

Owner of the business, Darren Turner said, “I still believe that there is nothing else like this out in the UK market place today. Where else, as an infant, primary or high school, could you pay as little as £19.99 a month for a service, which provides you with a maintained, wireless, multifunction business-rated inkjet printer that lets the students print as often and as much as they like, without you worrying about the price of the ink cartridges?”

Darren also noted, “In the past, schools have found it difficult to access schemes like this, as they can only pay for services through being invoiced, not signing up to monthly subscriptions. This is where Infinity Printing Service is different, as it operates through an annual or monthly invoice system, which works perfectly for the schools and the wider education sector.”

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