Canon Resolves Patent Lawsuit with X-Com Shop

Canon announced it has resolved its pending lawsuit against X-Com Shop in the Moscow State Arbitration Court. The suit concerns X-Com’s alleged infringement of Canon’s Russian Patent No. 2,467,370.

According to Canon, both parties entered into “an amicable agreement by which X-Com Shop recognizes Canon’s exclusive rights for the patent and accepts the obligation to terminate the sale and offer for sale and other introduction into civil circulation (including on the Internet) in Russia or storage for the purpose of sale of the cartridges that Canon accused of infringement.”

In August 2014,  Canon filed a complaint before the Moscow City Economic Court, alleging X-Com Shop, a Russian distributor, sold patent-infringing cartridges on the Russian market under trademarks “CACTUS” and “G&G”, which violate Canon’s Russian patent No. 2,467,370. The patent covers Driving Force Transmitter, Drum Unit, and Toner Cartridge components of laser printers, which concerns the invention of “dongle gear.”

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