Canon India to Provide Digitization Services

In a bid to help companies achieve maximum digitization, Canon India plans to offer digitization services that will help in archiving  and putting documents in a digital workflow. The firm plans to launch its digitization services in front of 150 CEOs in an event organized in Pune. According to Canon India executive vice president Alok Bharadwaj, Canon is expanding its domain from pure printing services to digitization services. The firm’s current managed document services already constitutes Rs 100 crore of Canon’s business, and the new digitization services is expected to add Rs 10 crore business by the end of this year.

Photizo says its coverage of Canon’s recent partnership with Therefore in North America focused on the benefits of this information management solution for companies looking to streamline the way they store, manage, and process information. By taking this same solution and offering an outsourced digitization service, Canon India is taking another step down the path to becoming a services-led company, which is becoming increasingly critical as businesses continue to look for ways to reduce printing. We will be watching to see if other Canon subsidiaries follow suit.

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