Canon Enters Ink Tank Printer Market

Canon Enters Ink Tank Printer Market

Canon Enters Ink Tank Printer MarketCanon now announces its entry into ink tank printer market, with the launch of 4 models under its Pixma G series in India.

The new release includes the Canon Pixma G 1000, G 2000, G2002, and G 3000, with prices ranging from Rs. 9,595 (USD $146.5) to Rs. 16,795 (USD $256.5).

Canon Pixma G 1000 is a basic printer, while Pixma G 2000 can print, scan, and copy. Pixma G 2002 is the Pixa G 2000, with two additional black bottles of ink thrown in for ‘free’. The top of the line Pixma G 3000 comes with wireless (802.11 b/g/n) print, scan, and copy and is Google Cloud print ready.

Canon claims that the blank tank can print up to 6,000 pages, while users can print up to 7,000 pages in color out of the box. All printers come with support for borderless printing and 1-year on-site warranty.

Canon says the new range offers a print cost as low as 8-paise (USD $0.001) per print for black prints and 21-paise (USD $0.003) per color print. The target market for this series is photo centers, copy shops, and SOHO customers. The printers will be available across the country later this month.




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