Buyer Demands Drive Changes in Global Wide Format Printing

The move to color printing and the need for faster turnaround in the graphics business has reshaped the large format printer (LFP) market.

According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the technology trends shaped by buyer demands are causing mix changes and are reshaping important segments of the worldwide LFP business. On the other hand, major technologies like eco-solvent inkjet continue to thrive.

Tim Greene, Research Director, U.S. Large Format Printer Tracker, stated, “Overall, large format printer shipments declined by about 2% in 2015 with monochrome toner-based printers and conventional aqueous inkjet printer shipments slipping, but key areas of growth included eco-solvent, Latex, UV and color toner printers.”

With the entry of high-speed single-pass aqueous inkjet printers, the large format CAD/Technical printer market segment declined by about 1.5% year over year in 2015. On the large format graphics side, global low-end aqueous inkjet printer shipments declined by more than 15% with users shifting to electronic communications. Shipments of large format printers that serve the durable graphics business grew by almost 10% worldwide in 2015, led by UV-curable inkjet, Latex, eco-solvent, and dye-sublimation inkjet printers.



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