Businesses Request Help for Print Supplies

According to the Staples Ink & Toner “Know Your Type” survey, a third of small business owners are feeling stressful toward printing for their business and some companies are the most stressed as they spent more time on ink and toner supplies.

As was reported, more than 85% of owners tend to buy ink and toner at the last minute. More than 75% of those owners frequently run out of ink and toner when they are working and 69% would like to buy ink and toner in-store.

Staples identified people as organizer who will recycle ink and toner cartridges in the workplace. Around 68% of these people recycle their ink and toner cartridge all the time.

People, who are named creative types by Staples, prefer going with flow and direction. 57% of these people tend to keep just enough ink and toner on hand, while 60% have forgotten their ink or toner model number when they are shopping.

Alison Corcoran, Senior Vice President of marketing for North American stores and online at Staples, said, “Small business owners tend to operate as CEOs—chiefs of everything. Their focus needs to be on increasing productivity and running a company as efficiently as possible, not worrying about their ink and toner.”

Further, Staples noted it “stocks more than 3,000 cartridges, with in-store service and online resources, like an easy reorder of a customer’s most recent purchases feature”, which it believes will help small business owners reduce the stress.

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