Bottom Feeding Paper Printer Prototyped

As a university diploma project, Mugi Yamamoto invented the Stack, a machine which draws from a pile of pages beneath it and forms a new heap of paper with users’ printed jobs on top. According to the inventor, the size of the new design is much smaller than traditional printers.

In the machine, the paper tray, the bulkiest component of most printers, as pointed out by Yamamoto, was nowhere to be found. Besides, the invention makes reloading a lesser problem. The frequency of paper refills differs depending on the height of the paper stack.

Since the Stack currently is still in prototype stage, users may sometimes find it difficult to keep the pile of paper in order. Despite the newly-built functioning demo model, Yamamoto is still striving for improvement. “To sell Stack as a mass product, some more development and refinement needs to be done,” says the inventor.

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